If you want to have a healthy and happy landscape during the hot days of summer, one of the things you can do is to take care of your trees. They play a crucial role in your property. For example, during a hot summer day, a tree can offer shade for you and your loved ones.  

Summer is the ideal time to take care of your trees, from pest inspections to watering trees to mulching. Today, we’re going to share with you some tips on how to maintain your trees during the summer season. You might have to hire a tree trimming Hayward service for some of the tips. 

Storm Damage Prevention 

If you follow the tips we’re going to mention below, you can keep your trees growing strong and healthy. Keep in mind that the season for heavy winds and thunderstorms is summer. You need to hire a professional tree care company to evaluate the safety of your big trees. This will help protect you and your property from falling tree branches. It might be necessary to get rid of weak limbs or cable them. 


A lot of people consider tree pruning as science. However, it can also be considered art. Though most tree pruning tasks are done during the dormant season, there are a couple of occasions where it’s crucial to prune during the summer.  

To start with, you need to get rid of damaged, dead, or diseased branches both for security reasons and the health of your tree. Next, it’s best to prune trees that flower during the summer, once they’re done flowering. This includes lilacs, flowering cherries, magnolias, and much more. Also, you should always remember that you need to hire a professional to prune big trees.  

Tree Pest Evaluations 

Evaluate trees for infestation of pests regularly across the summer season. Though almost all types of insects aren’t dangerous to your trees, discovering any possible tree pest issues early offers you a lot of time to remove them. pests such as spider mites, aphids, Japanese beetles, bagworms, magnolia scale, and much more are active during the summer. A professional tree service company can help recognize these pests and offer you the ideal solution. 


Making sure your trees have enough nutrients to fend off diseases and insects, and support shoot and leaf development is one step in caring for summer trees. Trees that grow in high-stress places sometimes have bigger fertilization requirements compared to trees growing in natural places.  


Watering trees will be necessary during the dry and warm weather of summer. This is particularly true if your trees are planted recently or still young. On average, a tree requires at least an inch of water each week. To promote better growth of the root, you need to apply water deeper and less frequently. 


It isn’t too late if you did not get to mulch your trees during spring. This is a vital step since it helps preserve the moisture in the soil, stabilize temperature, and get rid of weeds.