The home theater accessory ideas we will be tackling now are intended to assist you to turn a lifeless family room into an interesting and exciting room that your kids would love to brag about to their friends: 

Popcorn machine 

Your theater experience will not be complete without the aroma and sound of a freshly popped and buttered popcorn. All of your children will definitely like having some while watching movies. This will make your home movie theater more enjoyable and unique.  

Customized introduction of movies 

One of the famous options for those individuals who try to make an experience similar to a movie theater is to create a custom movie introduction created for your home theater. Commonly, introductions have the previews, movie trivia, food commercials, different types of nostalgic soda, and the name of your theater.  

Home theater lighting 

There are a series of lighting selections you can choose from that are perfect for home movie theaters today. Picture out the look of your visitor’s face as you touch your remote control’s button and the overhead lights become dim slowly until the lights left are only the custom made ones. Then, the rope lighting becomes dimmed and the theater wall sconce lights to make the ideal ambiance for the movie. At the end of a movie, the overhead lighting will slowly turn on again with just one touch of a button. This looks amazing just by imagining it, right? 

Custom framed movie posters 

Incorporating movie posters to your room’s walls is one of the most basic means of decorating your room with a movie theater theme. You can select from different movies to highlight your room’s theme. Classic movie posters are one of the most famous options by homeowners who want to have a nostalgic and old-fashioned fee. However, you can select any theme that you think will be best for you based on your preference. You can either adopt a kid’s theme, a western theme, a science fiction theme, and a lot more.  

Then, you can decorate any of such themes you want easily by custom framing your posters. One of the famous options is to place a now showing poster with the movie you’re about to watch or you are currently showing. 

Home theater seating 

Over the previous years, specialized home theater seating has quickly become popular since property owners aim to experience the comfort of their own ultimate home theater. Commonly, home theater seating is available in 2 different types—movie theater seating and home theater loungers. Movie theater seating is made to mimic seating that can be observed at the local cinema while home theater loungers are intended to provide comfort using overstuffed leather reclining chairs with several options. Either way, they are built with standard materials like cup holders. Moreover, you can also install child-size versions of home theater.  

If you are interested to have a home theater in your home, let us know since we provide Alexandria VA Home Theater Installation services near you.